ICUTEC Energiespardampfsperre

Vapour check and vapour barrier membrane: Heat-reflecting air and vapour barrier in insulated pitched roofs for energy saving purposes.
The ICUTEC Energiespardampfsperre is a 3-layer, regrind-free vapour-check and vapour-barrier film that meets all the requirements for professional installation in insulated pitched and flat roofs. With its special manufacturing and its combination of materials, the ICUTEC Energiespardampfsperre is a product that has been developed to the current state of the art. The ICUTEC Energiespardampfsperre prevents virtually all moisture from penetrating into heated rooms in the building, preventing mould formation and damp. The ICUTEC Energiespardampfsperre saves energy through a threefold better heat reflection compared to conventional vapour barriers. It also achieves a verifiable harmonisation of electromagnetic radiation with regard to the human organism.
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